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My Name is Not Donald Trump

My Name is Not Donald Trump

Lee Frankel-Goldwater • January 25, 2017 • Creative Writing • 

My name is not Donald Trump
My name is Lee, a Jew boy from the Bronx
As a kid I was picked on for being fat
And as a grown man I’m still scarred
Tumbling along a path of old impressions
Wondering how I can change to improve
Wishing I looked like Justin Bieber to be loved
Striving always to fit in, to achieve, to grow
But no physics textbook has promised me strength
No math textbook has promised me beauty
No law or social studies tome has promised me justice
In reality, they have promised me only the latter
A cold calculable world filled with hindsight 20/20
Promising that history will repeat itself, and Men,
White Men, will fly to the moon, to the stars
And to their own self-fulfilling sense of equality
My family came to America escaping a hateful Europe
And I am glad they did else I never would have lived
And this hatred we may forgive, but can never forget…
Though I have hidden behind my white face when necessary
Become a chameleon from group to place without question
No yellow star on my lapel
No pure race to chase me
No religion on my passport
Art by Matt Diss, ALOC Media

Art by Matt Diss, ALOC Media

Yet now I wish I could wear my imperfections on my face
Stripped of false pride, naked with pure hope and naivety
Were my face but armored to take every blow cast upon it
Were my body a shield for those assaulted by hate or fear
Were my soul on fire, tempered by chaos to fight oppression
Were Jesus only right in his gospel alongside every prophet
Were we living in a world where each of us could be president
Were sin a word we could purge from our vocabulary,
Were my dreams your dreams, and yours were mine…
I dream that Rush Limbaugh and John Stewart were best friends
And Christmas dinner was served at the same table as Ramadan breakfast
That trickledown economics trickled and that peace meant the same to all
That we saw not each other’s skin tone but directly into each other’s souls
That we lived each moment knowing our DNA was 99 percent the same
That our bodies, words, and minds expressed one compassionate intent
If only politicians believed half of what they said, and power came second
If the demons in our world were more imagined than our philosophies
If illusions could be turned to water in the desert…
But my experience has been an illusion of liberty in a world of ifs and promises
I have seen poor children smile in more countries and villages than I can count
They have not seen half as much of the world as I, yet still they know it better
My education and hippie parents have taught me that women are equal to men
Black Americans have as much right to life as anybody, and abortion is a choice
Sexuality belongs to the body living that experience, we all deserve a fair wage
And every word of this is true… But I am ashamed
For I have participated in shaming those whose ideas are different from mine
Embracing those suffering in one way, while avoiding those suffering in another
I do not know my country. Hate, just as love, is an entirely natural human quality
Ignorance is not some problem to be solved but a feature real in each of our lives
This bubble has led us to ignore our fellow humans confused by hatred and fear
And has cost us dearly, for the true danger was and always has been – complacency
Art by Matt Diss, ALOC Media

Art by Matt Diss, ALOC Media

Here I make a plea to the chameleons, the armchair change makers
Those donating to Planned Parenthood and Southern Poverty Law
Thinking their job is done, the fight will go on, we will “get through this”
These acts are beautiful, the thoughts kind, but they propagate the lie
Living a good life in line with good ethics has at times been enough
The dream has been that these would always be enough, and carry us
But the truth is, in this time at least, they are no longer enough
I speak not to those who have been on the front lines,
Because so many cannot hide behind a set of green eyes
I ask those not to cast blame upon our folly, but to teach
Teach us your methods, tell us your strife, express your fears
Teach me how to be a shield, and lead us with your stories
Teach us how to turn lives of quiet effort into a powerful cry
We do not have time for distractions, a great and tumultuous time is about us
Our enemies are not the low-income rednecks but the division of our own visions
I stand by the belief that our path forward cannot be dominated by our differences
But must include what makes us the same, even as those who may hate or kill us
I pray that we can become one if we try, and accomplish more than simply survive
I ask those who feel threatened and at risk for their lives to try, as I will try…
Art by Matt Diss, ALOC Media

Art by Matt Diss, ALOC Media

My commitment is to discover what I do not know
And when I have learned enough, to become a guide
And in times of struggle to be a shield for those I can
To speak up when I can, and to receive blows if I must
I will love, I will cry, I will heal with those who let me
I will fight with body and mind where I am needed most
I will work to remove my blinders at every turn
I will heed signs of complacency as the true enemy
And I will continue to pray that we can come together
Not as individual tribes, but as one – a humanity
No more, no less, a plurality in unity, a dream.


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  1. Excellent!!!

  2. Dooood! Love this! Well done. Now to hear you speak it, as you intended it to be heard. Where are you performing this? 😉


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