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For the Howlers: A Five Part Series of Poetic Performance

For the Howlers: A Five Part Series of Poetic Performance

Scott Rowland • August 23, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Each night poised with a unique set of presenters, For the Howlers: A Five Part Series of Poetic Performance is a glimpse into the prowess of Boulder’s local poets, specifically those affiliated with the Boulder Poetry Tribe. While this review only recants the experience of one evening, the most unique part of this show is the guarantee that each night is completely different from the previous.


Ale Whi (Alexander White)
Photo by Gabrielle DeCristofaro

“Music/Metre: the Philosophic Outlier”, a fitting title for the night of my attendance, began with a boisterous introduction from the host, Ellie Swensson, and a revelrous howl from the audience. There’s a reason “For the Howlers” was chosen to represent this show. Oh my did they howl! Better pay attention, because the poets’ witty phrases are quickly drowned in the call for more. The first poet, Cat Frances, opened with a sonnet of enchanting suggestion. As she proceeded, eternity was unleashed from the depths of her soul long enough to caste the listener across the universe and back in 20 minutes: the more bohemian the words, the more applause to follow. The second poet, Matt Clifford, came backed by the loud, punk derived sounds of his band, Black Market Translation. A few of the audience members couldn’t hang. He spoke highly of the dance party in Hell and hinted at the serenity of laughing for nothing. All the while, Ellie maintained an exciting fluidity between each poet and ignited an open mic (also backed by the band) for the remaining 15 minutes. Time meant for poetry wasn’t wasted on an early release.


Phillip Bright
Photo by Matt Diss

For the Howlers: A Five Part Series of Poetic Performance is intellectually stimulating and refreshingly accepting of perspective. This performance stays true to the inherent beauty of poetry, that each poet holds their own truth. No matter if you approve of Frances or Clifford or any other poet for that matter, the good ones always appreciate your attention. That’s why I yearned for this performance, and why you should immerse yourself in the howl of the Boulder Poetry Tribe.



You can experience For the Howlers: A Five Part Series of Poetic Performance at Trident Booksellers & Cafe

Trident Cafe 2016 Boulder Fringe


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